[Sims 4] UGG Boots – UGG 雪靴

我想要一雙 UGG 好久了, 不過價錢真的不美麗!!!
還記得第一次知道他是幾年前 BB 向我推薦的, 然後每到冬天就會朝思暮想一下…
最近家母去澳洲玩, 請他幫我帶了一雙 >\\<~ 有感動~~
穿上他後燃起了我做 UGG 到 SIMS 的念頭XD,

01 02

這次做了9種顏色, 個人偏愛巧克力色(根本是 UGG 經典色!), 和桃紅色!
我還有把內裏的毛做出來喔, 市民可以隨便挑顏色穿, 也太幸福了吧XD

最後到了年尾, 感覺事情越來越多了 (汗), 年尾也很忙的大家一起加油吧 XD

PS. 這款雪靴是改自內建的靴子, 楦頭和形狀都做過調整, 改得更像UGG 一點, 所以不算是內建那雙哦!

This is a UGG boots.
hope you’ll like it 😀


9 Colors

Category: Shoes (鞋子)
Female Only (僅限女性)
Teen / Young Adult / Adult / Elder

Download      百度下載

Mesh edit & texture by me, please do not use my mesh or texture without my permission

Find downloads or post your custom content in SimsDay. I update my new active here :D
一個模擬市民的分享社群,我都在這裡更新我的最新資訊哦 ^^。
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  1. 作者 您好 我是在巴哈姆特發現您的作品的 特別喜歡您製作的唇彩 (其他的也很喜歡)
    這雙UGG好可愛 所以馬上下載 期待您日後會製作出更多可愛漂亮的東西出來 加油^^

  2. love your stuff, but do not like the way you have it for download. You really need to give people the option not to have an exe file set it up. Will not be using your stuff 🙁

    1. HI~you don’t need to download any exe file to get my stuff!
      The download link is under the ads, click that link than the file will start download.
      Wish you’ll like my cc. 🙂

  3. thanks~我最喜歡真實性的創作了~其實一直也很想學

  4. 壯兔粗品的就是超級贊贊贊!!!從TS3的UGG一直載到這裡XD,感覺遊戲充實了很多貼近生活的東西!!!希望可以做一些家私小物件,也是貼近生活的感覺!FOLLOW U~請加油!

    1. 謝謝喜歡這雙雪靴還有支持我家物件 >///<~~
      如果有不錯的小點子我也會嘗試看看做小物件,不過我對建模不太在行 XD,所以要努力了!
      謝謝你 ^^

  5. i love your cc and i enjoy it in my gameplay soooooo much, but to download them is kind of confusing, for any new people the download button is under the left ad :3 hoped that helped to your new downloaders?

    1. Hello! how did you fixed it?
      Because there are some people ask me the same question. But this problem never show in my game.
      And thank you for download my stuff 🙂

  6. 自動引用通知: Aywren's Sims
  7. 自動引用通知: Aywren's Sims
  8. hey where is the mesh cause it doesnt work in my game ? 🙁