How to download

* 如果你發現我的網站需要翻牆,可以留言告訴我,我會嘗試解決。

Terms of Use

*** Please DO NOT ***
  1. re-upload my works.
  2. Clone or modify my mesh or texture without given permission.
  3. Claim creations as yours.
Re-texture my works

Welcome to re-texture my works but please following these terms.

  1. Please tell me first!
  2. Please DO NOT include my mesh if you want to upload the re-texture work.
    Just upload only your texture.
  3. Please give a link to my site.

How to download


*** 請不要做這些事 ***
  1. 請不要重新上傳我的作品到任何空間。
  2. 未經許可前請不要複製或修改我的 mesh,甚至是 texture。
  3. 宣稱我的作品是你做的
Re-texture 我的作品


  1. 請先告訴我這件事情
  2. 請不要把我的 mesh 包含到你的作品中。
  3. 請於明顯處註明作品出處,並讓他人可以點回我的網站下載 mesh。


  • 要從百度雲下載的就點百度網盤

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  1. I’m so thankful that you had put in a How-To for downloading it cause I brain dead I was searching for 20 minutes or MORE and so I just came to say thank you d^_^b

  2. Hi since I’m a bit- VERY stupid I came here to say thank you because I was searching around for ages trying to find a way to download it then that’s when my brain finally turned on d^_^b