[Sims 4] iPad Air|Pro|Mini

主程式剛推行的時候,就有人在 Tumblr 詢問我是否要做 iPad,當時回答他說好,結果一直沒有做…XD
其實我好早就把模建好了 ><,趁著連假,感緊把它給發表。

總共有3種大小,其實就是 Apple 的那三款不同大小啦!
也把 4 種經典顏色都放上來了,希望大家喜歡 🙂






Category: Electronic/Computer
4 Swatchs

iPad Air
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iPad Mini
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iPad Pro
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Find downloads or post your custom content in SimsDay. I update my new active here :D
一個模擬市民的分享社群,我都在這裡更新我的最新資訊哦 ^^。
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  3. Hi Paulean R,

    All of the six download links for “[Sims 4] iPad Air|Pro|Mini” are not working.
    Error 522.

    Appreciate your mods very much and hope that we can download it as soon as possible