Sims 4 Freckles N1 – 自然雀斑

一直很喜歡雀斑這類, 之前第一款皮的時候上面就有畫雀斑, 但分享時我移掉了, 想説可能不是每個人都喜歡臉上有雀斑
但一直來 V1 皮上的雀斑詢問率很高, 當時有答應一個朋友等有空會做成CC出來分享, 這幾天試做了出來分享, 希望大家喜歡



捏了新的女小娃 Heel 來配雀斑

腮紅和肌膚細節都有一個雀斑可以使用, 兩個疊在一起用雀斑會更深一點


Female/Male (男女皆可)
Child / Teen / Young Adult / Adult / Elder (全年齡)
Group: Skin Detail / Blush (肌膚細節 / 腮紅)

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  1. This is so cute!! These will look perfect on my sims!!
    May I also ask where the eyes your sim has are from? >/////<

  2. I love the girl on this! Where can i find all her features?

  3. I fell in love with her. she's so cute. have you uploaded her to the gallery? I want her <3

    1. I apology for I will not upload this sim to the gallery.
      But thank you for love her ^^

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